Help to Support Astbury Mere Country Park.
20/01/2024 21:15 in News
Help to Support Astbury Mere Country Park.
If you are visiting Astbury Mere Country Park then please could you be mindful of where you park your cars. Please use the official carpark where you will only be charged a small fee that goes to support the Astbury Mere Trust.
For 60p you can get 2 hours of parking, plus you can buy a yearly permit for only £40, so you would then be supporting the Astbury Mere Trust as well as having the convenience of just showing your permit in your vehicle without the need to pay on each visit.
Paying for the car park is very easy though, as the machine will accept cash, card and also has a QR code where you are able to pay via your Paypal Account.
Please park and support the Astbury Mere Trust and please park responsibly.